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Working on high-precision localization for self-driving cars at BMW since 2019.

Worked on camera based traffic sign and traffic light recognition for driver assistance systems at BMW from 2014 to 2019. You will not run a red traffic light in a new BMW anymore!

Worked on many other smaller or bigger projects before that - from business software to AI.

Did my PhD in Computer Vision on learning context for semantic segmentation at the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with BMW.

Got my master's degree in robotics form the Technical University of Munich in 2011.

I write a blog about technology, travel and photography. Check out my latest articles here.

Open-sourced a tool for creating nice and simple photo galleries as static HTML sites, which I use to share my photos with friends and family.

I spend all my vacation traveling with my family and taking a lot of photos and videos. I share my photos on Unsplash.

Latest From My Blog

Traveling with a baby. Flying.

Traveling with baby. Flying.

Many people think that after you have a baby, you have to stop traveling. I disagree - our son Leo has been on 13 flights and visited 6 countries before his first birthday. In a series of posts I will share with you our experience about traveling with a baby. Let's start with flying...

Two front cameras on an iPad

Why Apple should put a second front camera on the iPad?

Video conferencing on the iPad sucks - put it vertically and other people's videos become smaller. Put it horizontally and you are not looking at the camera. If Apple put a second front camera on the bottom of the iPad, they could virtually move the camera in the center of the screen...

Tesla's traffic light and stop sign control

How can Tesla improve traffic light and stop sign control?

Tesla recently updated their Autopilot to automatically stop at traffic lights and stop signs. My analysis of the system shows that there are some systematic problems with the vision system, but there is huge potential for improvement by using a HD map...

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