Simple Photo Gallery

Beautiful and simple photo galleries that help you tell your story

It is free and open-source

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How It Works

(For more details check the documentation on GitHub)

  1. 1. Install Simple Photo Gallery

    Simple Photo Gallery is a tool written in Python. You can easily install it using pip.

    > pip install simple-photo-gallery
  2. 2. Initialize The Gallery

    Initialize the gallery from a folder containing your photos and provide information like title, description and header image.

    > gallery-init
  3. 3. Build The Gallery

    The build command will automatically create thumbnails and generate the gallery HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

    > gallery-build
  4. 4. Customize Your Gallery

    You can optionally customize your gallery by adding image captions, sections and adapting the header image. For details Read the documentation on GitHub.

Click the image for an example gallery



Simple Photo Gallery is created and maintained by Vladimir Haltakov. I like to travel a lot, but I couldn't find a good tool to share my photos with friends and family. I wanted to be able to group my photos and add descriptions, so I can tell a story. So, I built Simple Photo Gallery and made it open-source so other people could benefit from it as well.

I you have any comments, feature requests or found a bug, you can contact me on Twitter or create an Issue on GitHub. Pull Requests are welcome as well 😉.

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